To access the Gantt of the project, press the “Gantt” tab, and the respective Gantt will be shown, in which it is possible to define the time scale that you wish to see.

The Gantt project is shown with reference of today’s date, which is displayed in a vertical line, Each bar of the Gantt is a % of the progress of the tasks that have been completed, and it goes completing along with the real % progress.

Assigning members/resources from the Gantt

It is possible to assign the owners and collaborators to a task from the Gantt, with the only requirement being that they are part of the team.

   Double click on a task and a new window will open where you will be able to add the owner of the task, along with any other members.

   In the same manner, resources can be eliminated from this window. When the OK button is pressed, the changes will be applied.